December 3, 2019

Felix was lucky enough to spend time in two different foster homes, one long weekend, and one over Thanksgiving! He is really blossoming and we are seeing his true personality. This is what his Thanksgiving foster had to say about him:


"Felix spent his Thanksgiving weekend at my house and, once again, lived up to his nickname: Fabulous Felix.  He was a wonderful houseguest, quickly making himself at home on the couch, which turned out to be his favorite place in the house.  When he occasionally went astray, for example a bit of counter-surfing, he was very responsive to a gentle “No” and even looked a bit sorry that he had disappointed me.  Felix enjoyed several walks in the woods.  He is pretty good on a leash…occasionally pulls, but nothing a smallish 62-year-old woman could not handle.  With practice, he is becoming a very good car rider, spending about half his time with nose out the window and the other half actually lying down. Felix has mastered the sit command and we worked on a “down”.  Not much success, but I feel this was a reflection of poor training skills rather than lack of aptitude on his part.  He has definitely mastered the eyes averted “No, I’m not begging” skill!  In fact, when it became clear that he was not going to get snacks from my dinner plate, he politely retreated to “his” couch.  Felix’s is a world champion snuggler, whether you are reading, watching TV or just petting him.  He will make some lucky family a great best friend!"



This happy and playful fellow was picked up as a stray and is now in the FCHS shelter. Stay tuned for updates on Felix!






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