A dog shows up at your house...what are you required to do to best reunite the pet with the owner?


Please read this code section to learn the correct procedure. To summarize; in Floyd County, call Animal Control at 540-745-9365.


This does NOT mean the dog will be taken away to the pound and euthanized. It enables an officer to locate the owner, who may have already reported the dog missing. If it were YOUR pet, wouldn't you want to know it has been found?


§ 3.2-6551. Notification by individuals finding companion animals; penalty.


A. Any individual who finds a companion animal and (i) provides care or safekeeping or (ii) retains the companion animal in such a manner as to control its activities shall within 48 hours:


1. Make a reasonable attempt to notify the owner of the companion animal if the owner can be ascertained from any tag, license, collar, tattoo, or another form of identification or markings or if the owner of the animal is otherwise known to the individual; and


2. Notify the public animal shelter that serves the locality where the companion animal was found and provide to the shelter contact information, including at least a name and a contact telephone number, a description of the animal, including information from any tag, license, collar, tattoo, or other identification or markings, and the location where the companion animal was found.


B. If an individual finds a companion animal and (i) provides care or safekeeping or (ii) retains the companion animal in such a manner as to control its activities, the individual shall comply with the provisions of § 3.2-6503.


C. Any individual who violates this section may be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $50 per companion animal.

If no pets are showing then they have all been reunited with their families.

September 16, 2019

A beautiful lab/pit mix we believe showed up on our front porch early this morning and hasn't left our property since. Sweet, friendly demeanor. Was friendly with our dog. Has a purple collar and a white diamond shaped marking on her chest. Looks to be about 1 year or 2 of age. We've gave her water and some food because she refuses to leave our property and wants to come inside. Can tell she's primarily an indoor dog for the m...

January 1, 2019

Missing Australian Shepherd Puppy!  Sweetie went missing around 9:30am January 1, 2019 from Cyprus Drive at mile post 152 on the Parkway.  This location is near Franklin Pike.  She is wearing a red harness and a flea collar, no tags.  If you have her or have seen her please call 745-2083 or 529-5876.  She is greatly loved and missed!!

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