Floyd County Humane Society Statement on Euthanasia


The Floyd County Humane Society (FCHS) is committed to the responsible and compassionate care of dogs and cats in Floyd County.  FCHS only accepts dogs and cats into foster care who have been owner surrendered or abandoned as a stray.  We also partner with Floyd County Animal Control and will foster dogs that have been owner surrendered or abandoned at the pound.

Euthanasia will be reserved only for animals who are experiencing extreme pain and suffering, terminally ill, or considered dangerous to themselves, other animals, and/or humans as reviewed and recommended by a licensed veterinarian.  Generally speaking, Floyd County Animal Control does not release dogs who have shown serious and dangerous acts of aggression to the foster care of FCHS, therefore FCHS rarely, if ever, has to make decisions about aggressive dogs.

Stray cats and feral cats are different populations.  As it relates to feral cats, FCHS never traps with the intention of fostering or otherwise taking possession of feral cats.  FCHS’s policy is to TNR (trap, neuter, return) feral cats.  This program significantly reduces the cat population which helps maintain a healthier population and therefore reduces any need for euthanasia due to illness and suffering.  If during this process a feral cat is deemed terminally ill or found to be experiencing extreme pain and suffering, euthanasia may be an option, and only if the landowner either gives permission or does not claim ownership of the animal. Please contact FCHS for more information on what is deemed a feral cat, or click on the 'Resources' tab for helpful links


FCHS never euthanizes due to time or space constraints. Anytime euthanasia is advised by a licensed veterinarian, it must then be approved by a committee of volunteers.

FCHS is committed to the preservation of life and to the objective use of approved methods of euthanasia under the care of a licensed veterinarian, when appropriate, guided by medical standards.

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