Herald the Hound!

April 2, 2020



Herald the Hound is back in Floyd! Herald is about four years old and loves people and being outdoors, and he should be an only dog in a home. If you would like to adopt Herald, please email jb4fchs@gmail.com. And please read on for a report from Herald’s current fosters, who suggest a fenced-in yard for Herald:

“Herald is a sweet, adorable guy who absolutely loves to be outside. He has a cute way of coming up and leaning against you to show affection, loves getting pats and ear scratches and occasional belly rubs. He's a gentle eater, takes food out of your hand nicely, doesn't rush his food bowl, and doesn't beg for snacks if you're eating and he's not. Yesterday I discovered that he likes apples!

He has a definite pattern to his day that I find endearing. I get up and let him out of his crate and most of the time he gets up and heads straight to his dog bed.

Once he's had breakfast, he's raring to go for his morning walk. He is still learning how to walk nicely on a leash, but in the few days that we've had him I've seen improvement already. Sometimes he stops and stands and sniffs until he finds the perfect scent to track down. Wish I had a fenced yard to let him stay out as long as he wants.

After lunchtime, he takes a nap until about 3. Then he's ready for another walk, or some play time. After dinner, Herald heads off to bed. The first couple of nights I took him out for a last potty chance. He looked at me like "are you serious?", and grudgingly went out. Since then we've skipped it and he's been fine with that.

He hasn't bothered any of our stuff that I forget and leave lying around. We're not used to a dog this big, and a couple of drinks on the end table have been victims of his tail wagging. There's been the occasional nose on the table during dinner, but he responds quickly to a "no, don't do that."

I love his expressions. There's one that reminds me of the dog on the Hush Puppy shoeboxes, if you're old enough to remember that. In my very limited experience, I would say Herald is a diamond in t