We may not have our own shelter or veterinary clinic, but that doesn’t stop us from facilitating many services for the people and pets of Floyd! Read on to see all the ways we’re lending a hand, and find out how you can help too.


On the first Tuesday of every month, Mountain View Humane in Christiansburg sends a spay/neuter shuttle to Floyd.

Cats and dogs are taken to the Christiansburg clinic for surgery and returned the same day.  This is an awesome low-cost option for spay and neuter services and vaccinations.  FCHS also offer grants to lower the costs further for owners who need help.  

If you adopt a dog or puppy from the Floyd County Pound, the Floyd County Humane Society will offer $50 toward spay and neuter, as well.

Please call 540-745-7207 for more info and to schedule an appointment on the shuttle. 


Rabies is a fatal disease that can be passed between many kinds of animals, and to humans. The disease is so dangerous that every state requires pets to be vaccinated, especially dogs.


The first vaccination for rabies is effective for one year, and then your pet will need a booster shot. After the first booster, pets must be vaccinated every three years to maintain solid immunity.
The Floyd County Humane Society offers low-cost rabies vaccination clinics in the spring and fall. 
Vaccinations are $12.  Please stay tuned to our events page for more info.


Those of us who live with and love pets know how much happiness and stress relief they add to our lives. Sadly, in hard times, families may not have the budget for healthful pet food, as much as they love their pets.

The Floyd County Humane Society works with the local food charity, Plenty!, to provide pet food, allowing people to keep their beloved pets.


Plenty! delivers food for people and pets to the homes of those without reliable transport. Humane Society members and supporters are encouraged to donate pet food to the program. Beneficiaries of Plenty!’s program are identified and vetted by social services.


Your help is always appreciated, whether you choose to donate money or a bag of kibble.

The Floyd County Humane Society does not provide direct food assistance to animals at this time.


We work to keep animals with families, by listing lost and found pets and animals looking for homes, whether they are in our foster care program, at the Floyd County Pound or currently with private individuals. Our listings are kept current on this website and on our Facebook page.


We will print your listing as you write it, so please be thorough and include your contact information. All listings are moderated and will automatically be deleted after two months. You can always resubmit the listing to keep it active.


Many of our members would love to talk to your group about a variety of animal-related topics, including our projects, grooming, the commercial animal trade, basic pet care, and dog training. As you may know from stopping us on the street, we’re free with our knowledge, and the same is true when you invite us to speak.

We never charge but always accept donations to the Society, when offered!


Contact us with your animal care and welfare inquiries. Whether you need to find a veterinarian, locate a rescue group with your desired kind of dog, or check on which plants are poisonous to cats, we hope to provide you with useful information.


Every year, Humane Society members and volunteers take dozens (and dozens and dozens) of cats and dogs into their homes each ear. Many of these animals are then taken to rescues in far-flung places like New York and Washington State, where they have a much better chance for adoption. (Floyd’s hounds are eagerly sought after out west!)


Other animals stay with us in our Foster Program while we locate good homes for them. Our “Floyd Cat Lady” single-handedly places a hundred or so cats a year! Foster dogs and cats are shown at PetSmart in Christiansburg, and at our events throughout the year. All of our available animals can also be found on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.

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